Being a Goalie is About Sacrificing for the Save

soccer player

One thing I love about parenthood and watching my children grow is watching them work hard at something.  For this mom’s success scale they do not have to be the best, the top ranking, the prettiest, and the most awarded.  When I see them putting all their heart and energy into their task at hand that is what makes them a success in my book.  When I see them being kind to others and putting a smile on another person’s face that is better than any award that can be obtained.

Our oldest has really deepened her love for the sport of soccer.  She likes all the positions in soccer including goalie.  Very few players are willing to be the goal keeper.  She has worked hard and really has been refining her skills as a keeper this year.

As I watched her play yesterday afternoon and saw the grass and mud stained skin of her knees my heart was warm with love for her.  She has been kicked in the face, has had balls flying at warped speed at her body, she has had a concussion, she gets turf fragments in her eyes, ears, and mouth when she dives for the ball, she gets burns on her skin when playing on turf…but she gives all that she has to make the saves…  the best way to win a game is to prevent the other team from scoring goals.

As we are celebrating Easter I am reminded of the one who made the ultimate sacrifice to save the entire world.  Our sinful nature completely separates us from God who created us and the relationship He planned and desires to have with us. The only cure for our sin is the sacrifice of innocent blood.  God provided that sacrifice by sending His one and only Son, God in the flesh, Emanuel (God with Us), JESUS, to this earth to die for our sins.  There has never been a human being that was purely innocent and sinless other than Jesus Christ.  There is also no one that claimed to be a god that has risen from the dead.  Jesus is the one and only who has proved exactly who He is by fulfilling every promise made.  Our souls and the eternal future of them is completely reliant on this one man, Jesus, and what he did.   He took all of our sin to that cross, actually becoming sin, and was completely separated from God the Father at that moment.  He died.  He rose again on the third day just as he said.  When we believe that Jesus is who He said, ask for forgiveness of our sins, and put our trust in him we are given the gift of eternal life of our soul.  It is all about the sacrifice for the save!!

I picture the goal as the pits of hell, Jesus is in front of it on the cross bleeding and breathing His last. Saying “it is finished”. If we cling to Jesus and the cross we will not fall into that pit.  The only way to win in this life is to prevent going into that goal. Cling to Jesus and direct others to him!

Thank you for the sacrifice to save us Jesus!!!

2 Corinthians 5:21 “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”

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