Larry the Scaredy Cat Part Two


This is an actual picture of our Larry.  It took about three months for him to over come his fears and learn that we love him and don’t want to hurt him.  We still need to stretch out our hand and allow him to come to us.  Once he comes to us he flips and flops wallering in all the love and attention.  He has the loudest purr that echoes through our garage.  Larry started coming around right around the time Mike’s dad passed away.  Mike wanted a garage buddy, a guy, to hang out with during times the estrogen of our house becomes overwhelming to him.  It is so sweet how God’s timing is “purrrrrfect” and provides just what we need.   Now when my husband comes into the house from hanging out in the garage he is covered in fur.  Larry can’t get enough of loving and cuddling now.

Our Larry story still reminds me of God’s love.   God’s hand is continuously outstretched to us, but we must take the step of faith and come to him.   We must lay down our fears, our pride, all of our selfish ambitions, and just come.  Once we have taken that step and allow God’s love to infiltrate our life we react a lot like Larry.  Once you have experienced God’s love we can just flip, flop and waller in the love and peace that He gives.  There is no greater love than our creator God sending His son to die for our sins allowing us to fully experience God’s love and have the gift of eternal life.  Forever we can flip, flop, waller and purr in the arms of God’s love when we just come to that beautiful outstretched hand.

1 Peter 5:6-7 “Humble yourselves, therefore,  under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.  Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

Here is a link to Part one.

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