Because You Swung the Bat


As life goes on and especially in this season as a Foster mom I continue to thrive on the small victories.  If I focus on losses I will start plunging into the land of discouragement where I feel my family is falling apart, all is loss, and for nothing.   Tonight was one of those heart warming victories. Our son asked to play baseball this spring so we signed him up.   In the beginning my husband and I really were not sure if he would be able to finish the season.  He didn’t listen to his coaches.  He flopped around on the field at practice focusing on everything but the ball and what he needed to do.  The child fell apart if he did not get his way.  He whined and argued with the coach.  At one practice he had the worst meltdown I have witnessed from him over the “concussion” stand.  Unbeknownst to me there was a snack stand at an indoor practice that had dipping dots listed  on their  carb and sugar packed menu.  Had I know I would have done prep work that we would not be purchasing from the “concussion” stand that evening.  During the melt down I explained that it was late and there was school in the morning.  My explanation was not bringing any resolution whatsoever.  I went on to say that in the summer we would be making trips to the zoo and doing lots of fun activities and that would be an appropriate time for a sugary treat such as dipping dots.  It was a run away from mom and hide in the men’s restroom type of horrible fit he threw.  The likes of which I have not seen again thankfully from this child.  Now he knows that I stick those special requests back in my memory bank and when an appropriate time comes I do love to give “special treats”.  He is learning that I definitely mean what I say and say what I mean.

Fast forward to tonight the last game of the season.  He listened to his coach.  Played his positions he definitely needs to work on some skills, but he tried. He didn’t whine and melt down even when the ball hit him pretty hard in the knee as catcher.  The trooper when back out on the field and played in a different position.

Now here is the sweetest victory!  For the whole season he had not hit the ball.  If he got on base it was from being walked.  He would not really swing the bat.  In the game before he got a foul tip and had a swing and a miss.  You better believe he got a ton of praise for actually trying.  We kept telling him we would rather he strike out from swinging the bat and trying than for not swinging the bat at all.  I told him you will never hit the ball if you don’t ever swing the bat.

Tonight’s game, his last at bat for the season, two strikes, and three balls  the guy gets his first legit hit!!!   It was more or less a bunt from a full-out swing, but it was a fair ball!  He made it safe to first.  Our guy ended up crossing home plate after a few more batters.  The dude had his hands in the air a big old smile and yelled/sang out Hallelujah as he crossed home plate!   I haven’t told him yet that I prayed “Please God let him get a hit” as that final pitch went airborne.  God swiftly answered that prayer!  Our Lord the King of Victory knows when a little victory is needed!! They lost the game, but the whole team played well and made such great improvements through the season.   As soon as he could he ran up to me with a big smile, he got a double high-five and tons of “GREAT Jobs”  He asked for a reward for getting a hit.   My reply was well man you just got a double high five and earlier today you  had a root beer float.  The “please can I get something” continued.  So my reply was “hey because you swung the bat you legit got to first base.  It was because you swung the bat that you ended up crossing home plate and scored a point for your team.  That my friend is truly your reward.  It feels good doesn’t it!!”  There was just a smile, no melt downs, he used words to express that it was a bag of peanuts he wanted, he held himself together.  Yet another huge victory!

I’m so thankful for the victories,  thankful that God cares about the smallest of prayers, I’m thankful that our God cares about ALL people down to the smallest details of their life.  God cares about this young man so much that in the midst of such a life of hardship He has given him a taste of victory!

Hopefully a lesson was learned that I too need to be reminded of… swing the bat… try… work hard… take those healthy risks…  give it all you have and leave the worrying to God…

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