Life is not Meant to be Lived out Alone

Not a lot of time to type out thoughts lately, but this has been heavily on my mind.   Whatever our circumstances married or single, a parent or not a parent, and whatever our age we were not designed to make it through this life on our own.  We need others to survive for even our basic necessities like our food and water.  No one person can truly provide everything needed physically,definitely not emotionally, and most of all spiritually for their own selves.

One thing I have observed in life is that people that completely focus on their own selves and issues are clearly the most miserable.  Then there is the other end of the spectrum of people that are so concerned about bothering others that they don’t want to ask for or accept any help when they truly need it.  We fail to realize how much we are needed by others and that on occasion we really need other people.

God gave us one life to live.  He has surrounded us by other human beings whether or not we shut them out or embrace them is up to us.  There are moments in time that completely change our perspective and priorities.  A clean house, fancy cars, the latest technology, etc…what does it really get us? Stuff leaves us empty, but people make our life full.  God created us to desire a relationship with him as well as others.  He also created us to be the most happy when we are giving our all to him and to loving other people.  Life is so hard and we were never meant to face it and live it on our own.  I love the people God has blessed my life with to share in the happy times, sad times, and scary times.  Most of all I am thankful that God is bigger than everything that we face in this life and he has given us the gift of eternal life through Jesus.

Philippians 2:4 “Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

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