When it is not Necessarily the Best that is Chosen

This has been a struggle for our family this week.  What appears to be the best?  Who appeared to be the best from our narrow perspective?  What is everyone else saying is the best?  We are continuously bombarded with choices in our lives.  What school to apply for and where to attend, what job to apply for and take, what activities to be involved in, what sports to play and who to play for, who to date, who to marry…  the decisions go on our entire lifetime.  We continue to make them for ourselves our whole life.   After becoming parents we are a part of our children’s decisions.  Depending on the age of the child we may have to sit back and pray about the decisions of our children.

I purposely left out typing the only opinion that truly matters up above.  What and who does God say is the best?  With jobs, activities, and sports we have found that there are always politics and personal agenda’s involved with the bosses and coaches that are making the final decisions.   This week a member of our family has faced the hurt of rejection.  As a parent this is always hard.  I have found that I can handle my own rejections in life much better than one of my children being rejected.  It is hard to see them work hard and the hard work not always pay off.  At least we don’t always see an immediate pay off or what we see on the surface is defeat.  As I spoke the words “When God closes a door he always opens SOMETHING, it may be just a window or it could be a wide open door” I had to ask myself do you really believe that?  This week has been a test on my own faith that God truly knows what is best.  He knows what people He wants my child and our family’s lives to cross paths with.  As a window opened wide and quickly this week we still waited for a peep hole in the old door to open.  As time passed I found myself growing uncomfortable and edgy waiting on this tiny peep hole of an opportunity to give our daughter an answer.   Finally the thought “No, my child is worth more than this and this other window recognizes her potential”  crossed my mind.

It is not always the bigger flashier names,  what looks the prettiest, or most appealing that God does great things through.  I am excited to see what my daughter’s new opportunity will bring and how God will work things together for her good and for His glory.   Her excitement and relief about the unanimous decision said it all.

Right before her disappointment we had watched the movie “Soul Surfer”  Bethany Hamilton’s story for about the 100th time.  Bethany Hamilton has been a hero to both of my girls since the movie came out and we love watching her life unfold on social media.   After watching this movie I reminded the girls to find their passion in life, work hard, and give God all the glory.  I went on to say to them “allow God to work through you and use what your passionate about as your platform to share the love of Jesus”.

There will always be rejection, unfairness, and disappointments in life.  God never rejects those who seek him, He is the only true fair judge with no politics, and he will never disappoint as He always keeps his promises.

Jeremiah 29:11 ” For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

One thought on “When it is not Necessarily the Best that is Chosen

  1. We don’t always see or understand immediately–but if you exercise patience, you will adventually see that God”s hand was a part of that rejection, and he has a better plan for your child. I have seen this happen many times now with Annie!


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