Just Five or Six More Summers


Eight years ago my sister gave me a call and a lady at her work was giving away a twenty one foot round above ground pool to whoever wanted it and that would come and take it down.   There is actually nothing “FREE” about a pool, but it did significantly cut the costs of having a pool for some summertime fun for the kids.  The last couple of summers I have kept in the back of my mind that the liner would soon bite the dust.   This year is the year.  We have had seven full seasons with our “FREE” pool.  We have been weighing the costs of replacing the liner or just taking it down.  The kids still really like it and it is something fun for when they have friends over during the summer.  This prompted us to have a family meeting and to actually listen to each other which I feel is a positive.   Alas whatever the fate of our “FREE” pool my mind has gone to thinking about “just five or six more summers”.   This was my input to my husband as far as lets just replace the liner and get five or six more summers with it because after that the kids will be grown.   In just five or six more summers oh how much our lives will change.  Of course we never know what life surprises God has up his glorious sleeves.   As it now stands our children will be out of high school in that time.  With the normal life expectancy of canines our family dogs will most likely no longer be with us.  We could have a very quiet and empty house in just five or six more summers.

My focus is not actually on the pool, but the memories and time spent together.   It is just merely a tool or a gathering place to make us stop and enjoy time with family and friends.   Adults can hang out and children can swim.  It is time outdoors away from technology.   This of course is hitting at a not so great financial time for us so I am just doing a lot of praying for guidance as to what is best.  No matter what we choose it will cost.

Everything in life has its season.  Each season has its costs and its joys.  This has just been a reminder for me to just enjoy our season and to seek God’s guidance in making our decisions.  It has been a reminder to listen to our children because we have a limited time to invest in their precious lives before they are adults.

Ecclesiastes 3:1  ” There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:”

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