Thankfulness is Protection


When we have the spirit of thankfulness we are actually utilizing one of God’s greatest sources of protection from our very own selves.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Be joyful ALWAYS. Pray CONTINUOUSLY; give thanks in ALL circumstances, for this is God’s WILL for you in Christ Jesus.

Have you ever wondered why God wants our thanks?  Does He need it? The one thing I have definitely learned through my walk with Jesus and in studying the bible is that everything He tells us in the word is for our benefit and not His.

When we are truly thankful God protects us from anger and bitterness forming in our souls.

When we are truly thankful we are content.  When we are content in relying on God to provide our needs we are not tempted to covet and to steal.

When we are truly thankful in who God created us to be our self-esteem is reliant on God. When our self-esteem is secured by God then we are not tempted toward all the different sexual sins and lusts to feel desired.  We know that it is God that fulfills us.

When we are truly thankful even in the tough times God protects us from turning to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain.  He provides peace and an elated joy even in our darkest times.  His high is greater than any chemical high and is the only “trip” that can truly satisfy.

There is no deeper sorrow I can imagine than losing a child.  Years ago when I worked at Children’s Hospital there was a young family that had touched my heart.  There were many families that I felt a closeness to.  It was quite easy to find myself growing very attached to the patients and parents in my care.  The young patient was the same age as my oldest and only child at that time. The child often reminded me of my own daughter.  Her little heart was extremely weak and growing weaker.  After many weeks there in the intensive care unit her little heart decided it was time to beat its last.  She was not in my care that day, but when the opportune time came I made my way over to her room to express to the parents how very sorry I was for their great loss.  As I entered the room there sat the mother in the rocking chair holding her precious now lifeless child.  As tears streamed down her face she was praising God.  She exclaimed that she was so blessed to have had this child in her life for the time that she did.  She was so thankful to have gotten to be her mother.  She was so thankful for the care they had received.  As this young mother poured out her praise to God I could feel the presence of God pouring in.  As she poured out thanksgiving He was pouring His love, peace, and joy into her.  God was protecting her heart from anger and bitterness.

As I left the room that day having planned to bring comfort for them I left comforted and thankful.

The spirit of thankfulness is God’s protection against the darkness of this world for us.  It is the greatest protection from temptation and falling victim to dark choices.

So much can be accomplished for the good through having a thankful heart.

So much devastation can happen when anger and bitterness is allowed to take over our choices.


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