“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”  Hebrews 13:8

There is nothing better than the honesty of a child.  Some of my most favorite and memorable conversations have been with these “just say it like it is” people.   Getting to serve in our Awana program at our church is a blessing on so many different levels.  This Wednesday another leader and I were the last to leave the room I work in with third and fourth grade girls.  As we entered the hallway we were greeted by one of the young men from the third and fourth grade boys class walking by himself.  The rest of the children had already lined up and departed to go to the gym for game time.  When asked why he was by himself he stated that he had let his leader know he was heading to the gym.  My fellow leader decided to go back and check and make sure there were no more kiddos left behind and to see if the leader from the boys class needed help.  I accompanied my young friend on to the church gymnasium.  He clearly did not want to do anything wrong and asked me why he shouldn’t walk by himself.  I then explained that it is safer if there is a group of children together or that you should at least walk with one of the adults.  He then asked most sincerely “Do you count as an adult?”  I replied, “Well most days I think.”   He had no idea that what he just asked was a huge compliment in so many ways.  In defense of his youthful perception of this forty-one year old mother of two, we did just spend some time the evening before watching silly videos my daughters and I had made.  He is the son of my daughter’s piano teacher and on occasion he will hang out and talk with me while I wait during the lesson.  My children and I have been having a blast with a phone application that distorts our face and voices.  From his perspective there are times I may seem like one of the kids.

There are so many spiritual thoughts that can come from that little conversation.  There is safety in numbers or to surround yourself with positive Christ following friends to stay on the right path were just a couple thoughts.  Then God got me to thinking about why my young friend’s question was a compliment.  The image of Jesus and His life here on earth and what He has done in my life came to mind.  Who he related to and how he related to them.  He was and is ageless.  He relates to people of all ages from all walks of life if they open their heart to him.  As a child I can remember most times my perception of adulthood or maturity was that a person had to be serious all the time.  There were some adults and even elderly friends of mine growing up that had that ageless quality about them.  Despite the fact that they had white hair, wrinkles, and were quite a bit taller than me I loved to spend time with them as if they were a kid my age.  My friend Ruby, an elderly neighbor, comes to mind.  She was easy to talk to and made me feel so at ease.  She liked to listen to me and shared tons of neat stories of her life with me.  She was “real”.  She was fun and not stern.   It was the Christ-like quality of being able to meet a person at their needs or on their level so to speak that she had.

Jesus has been able to meet me where ever I am throughout my entire life.  What it has always taken has been my willingness to respond to Him.  To not shut Him out of my life.

To relate to human beings of any age, from all walks in life, to find a way to relate to anyone is not necessarily something I have given much thought about or strived for.  To not fit in a specific category to my young friend came as a huge surprise.  We age physically no matter what.  Growing old gracefully is something that I have come to embrace.  With Christ we can remain ageless.  We are given the gift of eternal life through Jesus when we accept Him as our Savior and Lord.  Another blessing of God I had never considered until this interaction with my young friend is that in life we can be ageless.  As my relationship with Christ continues to grow I pray that He will continue to help me learn to love and relate to every person I come in contact with.

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