Most Times Our Way is for the Birds

For nearly a week now there has been a bird flying into one of the windows to our unfinished basement.   At this point in my life I have come to the realization that God can speak and teach through absolutely everything. Every event in life, every person, and every circumstance has significance. This bird for days now has taken flight from the ground just below the window ledge and flies directly into the window pane. It makes a loud dong noise that echoes from the basement on up the stairwell.   Part of me wants to go talk to the bird and explain that what it is doing is only going to hurt and possibly lead to death. I want to point out the nice trees and bushes all around to the bird.   Explain to the bird that they are available to make a nice cozy nest to rest it’s now injured head. Part of me wants to tell it that I would love to invite it inside, but that isn’t the best place for it. There is not a supply of worms and insects for it to maintain its nourishment within our home (at least I hope not).   My words would not be understood by the bird I would only frighten it. It does not have the ability to reason as we as human beings have. The only one who can truly help this little bird is God Himself. Thinking of this little bird I am reminded of myself and of all human beings. Like the bird how often do we repeat behaviors time and time again only to find that it is a dead end, destructive, and brings significant consequence to our lives? However we continue on in our pattern because it is what we have grown accustomed to. Maybe it is the fear of letting go of what actually brings us harm and enslaves us.   Do we actually fear freedom? In my own life there was a time that I tried to do things on my own. I was blessed with God fearing parents and instruction from God’s Word from the day I was born. Yet still there was this side of me that was determined to find things out on my own.   My actions quickly led to consequence and pain that was brought on purely by my own decisions. Thankfully God protected me from complete destruction and death and has come to show me what true living really is. There are many choices and patterns in life that lead to destruction.   My greatest problem was putting friends and boyfriends before God.   For a time I was one that followed down destructive paths instead of taking a stand and leading others down the right path. One may think most often of the addiction to drugs and chemical substances as this sort of life I am speaking of. As we see someone we care about continuously hurting themselves again and again knowing that one of the times their high will lead to death.   It may be seeing someone you love continuously going back to an abusive relationship wondering is the next time going to be the time he actually kills her. Addictions come in every form, food, money, power, our jobs, sex, and even our relationships. Too much of anything can bring destruction. There are even church-aholics that are so busy with ministries through their church that they may forget what is truly important. What is most important is a relationship with Jesus. As I think of everything involved in life, relationships, eating, sleeping, what we spend our money on, and what we spend our time doing there are only two things I can think of that cannot be “ too much” even of a good thing.   The two things are time with Jesus and time in the Word of God. Of course we have lives to live, but what I mean is continuously being in a mindset of conversing, praying to Jesus.   Continuous prayer means running our words, actions, and thoughts through Him first before we react in life’s situations.   There can never be too much time spent in the Word of God, the Bible. It is crazy to think that the two things that we can never overdose on are what we spend the very least amount of time doing.  How often are we like this bird just beating our heads against a wall hitting dead end after dead end. Jesus leads us to the safest, most joyful life that leads to eternity. We still have struggles in life, but I have to say that in my darkest times that is when I feel Him the most. He pulls me through stronger and better than I was on the other side of that pain. Praise God I am more addicted to Jesus and His Word every day!!!

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