A mother of two daughters married to her best friend and soul mate Mike.  She has been a registered nurse for the last 19 years.  Has found a love for writing and sharing stories as God teaches along life’s journey as a follower of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Hello! I found your blog after I googled “Mary Kay” and “perioral dermatitis”! I can’t find any other place to comment or contact you, so I’m hoping you see this! I’m just dying to know which MK Timewise line you used that helped clear up your skin – was it the dry line or the combo/oily line? A friend of mine sells MK so I want to try whatever you used that helped, PD is such a pain and so hard to get rid of!


  2. I started with the combo/oily. I have now used the repair and time wise normal to dry and all have kept me clear of perioral dermatitis. It is going on two years now!! 😊 I hope it helps you too!!!!


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